Friday, June 09, 2006

Mata Hari Socks

Pattern: Steph's Mata Hari socks
Yarn: Koigu KPM colour 2239
Started 16 May 2006
Finished 8 June 2006

I remember that I really liked this pattern when Steph knitted her Mata Haris last year, and that was actually the first time I saw a handknit sock that interested me at all!! So now that I knit socks too, the Mata Haris were an obvious choice.

Thanks for sharing the pattern, Steph! I still love it, and it was an addictive knit - "just one more row - I really want to see what the next yarnover looks like" - that kind of knitting!!

Stupid mistakes, and other things to remember:
- First sock was knit with 2 mm clover bamboo needles, one of them snapped in two, so second sock was knit on 2 mm inox needles. Why this makes a difference at all is beyond my comprehension, but second sock is significantly bigger than first sock. Tried to block first sock to same size, it helped a little bit.
- as this was my second pair of socks ever, I used the measurements, heel and toe from Embossed Leaves, because they turned out great and are made with Koigu too. Lesson learnt: Koigu and 64 stitches gave me a perfect size lace sock, but the stockinette socks are too big. Does lace really pull in that much, or did my tension loosen??


MagFly said...

Flotte sokkar! har ein og ein halv sokk liggande. Det her motivera meg til å ta dei fram att. God helg!

Steph said...

oh, I've just been jumping up and down in my chair with excitement, they are beautiful! I'm happy you like them :-)

Janette said...

They are lovely socks and the colour is beautiful. You are very clever!

Lynette said...

i love your socks and the color!

karen said...

fantastic color - lovely against the green grass.. I would never have noticed that the one is wider than the other! Beautiful, beautiful socks!

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