Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm surprised

I really didn't expect the W tank to fit! Still, it was stupidity that made me finish instead of frogging it, and luck (and a good blocking) made it fit.

This was a really quick knit (less than 10 hours of knitting), and enjoyable too. I love the shape, and will definitely knit this top again. Next time however, I will choose a more stretchy yarn, I guess one with wool content. A silk-merino blend would be nice I think. I might make some minor changes for an even better fit, but then again they might not be necessary if the yarn is a bit elastic. I would make it a bit longer, and adjust my row gauge so the widest part fits in with the hips and not the waist. If I don't make it longer I must make the waist narrower. For now I have fixed these problems in blocking, but it's a 100 % silk yarn, and did not block well. The blocking opened up holes were I wrapped the yarn (for turning short rows) that would be clearly visible from a galloping horse. So now that the pictures are taken, I am going to unblock it!!

The edges looked really messy, so I added a simple crocheted edge around the neckline and arms. It looks nice enough, but made the neckline more into a U than a V.

I used appr. 220 g of aran weight silk from HipKnits for the small size.


Pattern: W tank by Kristi Porter for Knitty, Spring 2005
Yarn: Aran weight silk from HipKnits, custom dyed
Started 12 June 2006
Finished 20 June 2006


Emma said...

It fits beautifully. Gorgeous colour too.
Just wanted to say that both your knitting and your photos are beautiful. A lovely blog !

strikkeforsker said...

Very beautiful, I love the colour.
Maybe another alternative is a cottonblend with some lycra (stretch)?

Virtuella said...

Knallfine, den satt jo som skutt på!!!

Stretchgarn.. om de ikke har et på Gjestdal med strekk i mon tro? Jeg kikket på det garnet forrige gang jeg var der og tenkte det måtte være smart til en topp, og så kjøpte jeg ikke.

aija said...

Very flattering!

Anne said...

It's gorgeous - and like other people have already said - it's a wonderful colour.

karen said...

fantastic fit and beautiful color!! looks just perfect too me! would love to make one too!

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