Saturday, June 03, 2006

Going grocery shopping

We were just going to the shopping center which is 1.5 kilometer from our house, to get groceries and some stuff from the pharmacy and hardware store, but decided to take the scenic route, by the sea. We saw lots of huge, old gardens, then we met a man who was painting his boat and admired the boat and talked about summer, we found shells and pebbles to throw on the water, but were chased away by an angry swan. Further along we saw three horses, and then we found a fantastic playground, it was brand new and spectacular. When we got to the shopping center three hours later the pharmacy was closed, and the hardware store didn't have the spare part we needed for the lawn mower. Outside the hardware store we relaxed a bit in a hammock that was on display, but were disturbed by several neighbours who spotted us. When we got to the supermarket we were too tired to shop, so we just got an ice cream and Nenne bought soap bubbles which she proudly paid with her own money which she carried in her own pink wallet.

Next time we go grocery shopping I'll make sure to pack lunch!

(Later I went back by car to do some actual shopping, but they had closed early because of Pentecost, so despite many hours dedicated to grocery shopping today the fridge is still empty! Oh well, it's been a perfect Saturday and there are lamb chops in the freezer.)

Edited to add: My day got even better. I got home to find that my boyfriend has taken some decisive steps towards building me a really good bicycle, and there was sock yarn in the mailbox: Lorna's Laces in the Motherlode colourway and Scaefer Anne in colourway In the Pinks:

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