Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Frog it, block it or diet

This is the W tank from Knitty, made with the silk I got in the Knitspeak contest. I started it yesterday, and finished the back in no time. No wonder it was quick to knit, because it's really small!!! So frog it, block it or diet - which is the lesser of these evils? that's the question.

I guess blocking is the obvious answer, but I have heard that silk stretches and has no memory, so I worry that the mercyless blocking I have in mind will ruin it.

So I'm leaning towards dieting (or working out, after all BF is building me a bicycle).

Plan B is to knit some extra wedges, removable ones,so the tank will adapt to my new figure after I have used that bike for a while.


Janette said...

hmmmm always a tricky one Marie. You could go with Option B, but for me, I'd have to frog.
Good luck!

strikkeforsker said...

very difficult, frog it, otherwise all your other tops and sweaters will become too large ;-)

KnitYoga said...

Not sure what I'd do in such a case. I'm dieting at the moment and am determined to lose weight so I'd probably add some panels and remove them at the appropriate time . . . and who cares about all the other tops being too large because you've lost weight . . . Great opportunity to knit a whole new wardrobe! :-)

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