Monday, May 22, 2006


I have five works-in-progress now, and that's a few too many. I really don't like to have more than one or at the most two projects going at the same time. With these five I find myself losing focus, losing interest and not making much progress - I really need to finish a couple of them very soon.

The Noro Hudson cardi is actually almost done - all the knitting is done, but there is seaming and blocking left, not to mention the zipper. Urrkk. Nene's Apple Blossom sweater is mindless garter stitch knitting, on sleeve finished, and now I'm working the back and front - the entire sweater is worked in one piece.

Here are my two leaf theme projects, Birch and Julia:

But hey, what's this? Is it a sleeve? A sock? Where did that come from? I am so not bitten by the sock bug, but somehow this yarn just jumped onto the needles and started crying Mata Hari:


Jennifer said...

Beautiful colors on all those. I'm in the same boat with too many WIPs, but I want to be doing all of them!

karen said...

that looks just too familiar - focus - that's the keyword! But it's really some beautiful projects you have - I love both the black birch and the julia in particular. And you can't count socks - they just sort of float inbetween... They are fantastic your MataHaris! I am trying to force myself now - I really need to finish things,too - finish 2, start 1??!

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