Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What is that postman thinking!?

My Silk Garden 34, my chartreuse cashcotton, my Fiona Ellis book, the Sensational Socks-book, the cute daffodil pattern from jimmybeans - everything arrived now! Now! That gives me exactly 10 minutes before i have to get a taxi to go to the airport. Aaarrg! Why couldn't I get at least an hour to look at it all!!???
I wonder if there's room in my handluggage for a couple of skeins to bring along?


Beth S. said...

How annoying! ;-)

And yes, there is always room for one more skein in the hand luggage. :-)

Anonymous said...

Something can leave the hand luggage to swap places with the yarn, surely! (Me from Texas, and I lived in Sandnes for a few months as a teen - beautiful country.) Malena fwmld@hotmail.com

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