Sunday, April 23, 2006

Unfelting clapotis

I have soaked clapotis in hair conditioner, and then blocked it. Result: The fabric is a bit softer to touch, but the overall impression is a dense and completely flat fabric, that has completely lost its bounce and silky shine.

The first picture is a close-up from last May of a brand new unwashed and unblocked clapotis (actually I never blocked it).

The second picture shows the felted clapotis from last Monday

And the third picture was taken this afternoon and shows the clappy newly conditioned and blocked, but still felted.

I will never be happy with it. I might take it to the summer house and use it on chilly summer evenings and for fishing trips, but it's never going to town again...

If I should come across Cherry Tree Hill Silk Merino Worsted in the Indian Summer colourway, and only then, will I make a new one. In September. The CTH is just as pricey as the Lion and Lamb, but has a bit more yardage (CTH 218, L&L 205), and if I make a regular size this time, I should be able to get away with three skeins instead of four, and a week to knit it. It would be worth it, because I know how much I would wear it, and I know the colourway from some laceweight I have, and it's perfect. I was never happy with the Flames colourway of the Lion & Lamb, too much yellow and pink (I really dislike both yellow and pink, so why did I love this shawl?!), so maybe this isn't such a terrible thing after all!?

The alpaca sweater turned out fine when it dried - only slightly felted, which actually improved the fabric. Mermaid ditto.

What did I learn from this? Machine wash on gentle wool cycle, with Milo silk and wool detergent, 30 degrees celsius - works well for some fibres but is disastrous for other fibres. I will never know why. Lesson learnt: None!!!!

What else? The Shoalwater Shawl is finished, it's blocking right now, I'm really really happy with it. Pictures tomorrow.

Karen asked what I plan to make with the SG 34. Well, I guess I could make clapotis!! Haha. No, I don't think so. It's intended for a jacket of my own, well I wouldn't say design, but my own mixture of pattern ideas from different sources. I will post more about it later.


Anonymous said...

Spennende med egen design - synes du skal kalle en spade for en spade jeg;-) Lærdommen fra Clapotis-tovinga er kanskje rett og slett at noen ganger kan et tap vise seg å bli åpningen til noe bedre - nemlig en ny Clapotis i enda vakrere farger! Ha en fin ny uke! Hilsen Ingrid

Mary-Lou said...

Tari - I think if I recall correctly there was some discussion about un-felting on UK Handknitters list. Think you have to use borax (fairly easily available from chemists in UK).

castoncastoff said...

shame about your clapotis, you had to try though.

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