Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stash enhancement

I have more yarn goodies to show you, and yarn shops to recommend, but I worry that my blog is turning into some kind of I'm-such-a-yarn-snob-look-what I-bought-journal.

Yes, there's been a lot of shopping lately, and yes, it's mostly fancy, foreign stuff, and yes, there's still some that I haven't shown you. Here's my defense:

- I am stocking up for Winter! We're going to be living on a very tight budget next year, and knowing well that I am incapable of saving money, I'm saving yarn instead and stocking up while I can still afford it. To some people this will seem absurd - to others it makes perfect sense. What can I say, we're all different.
- I still haven't reached the point where yarn is bought without a specific project in mind. This is a good thing, yes? No?
- if, starting now, I bought no more yarn, my present stash would be knit up in less than a year. That's pretty modest for a knitter's stash, don't you think?
-I hate bad quality - whatever the product is. I believe (yes, I really do) that it is better to buy things of good quality, for my private budget as well the environment, if they last longer.
- I like to support the small manufacturers and the small shops, rather than the big companies.
- my yarn budget may be increasing, but my clothes shopping is decreasing. I'm probably on a break-even point here. Really.
- if you have tried handpainted yarn once, there's no going back anyway

Now let's talk about yarn. And colours. In the box you can see one half skein of Cherry Tree Hill laceweight in the Indian Summer colourway. It's not new, but it's my favorite colour, which I think the new yarns show. There's two skeins of variegated Koigu in a colourway (604) that is very similar to the CTH, but deeper and redder. Then there's two skeins of solid Koigu, in a burgundy colour that is almost exactly the same as the burgundy patches of the variegated yarns. Perfect!!

The Koigu is intended for socks. Yes, my first socks! I'm going to try and get over my 7th grade crafts class trauma, and finally knit me some socks. Will I get bit by the sock bug? Who knows. The Koigu bug - yes, that already happened.

The three big skeins to the left is CTH Silk Merino Worsted for a new clapotis, also in the Indian Summer colourway. It's sitting next to the laceweight merino in the same colourway to show how the different fibres take the dye differently. The colour is much more saturated in the merino than the silk.

Hazel has picked up on my fondness for Autumn foliage colours, and wrote to tell me that there might something along those lines available soon in gorgeous cashmere blends from the newly established Posh Yarn. Hm, I'm thinking Knitty's W in that aran weight silk-cashmere blend would look pretty nice :drooling:


Daisy said...

Oooh tasty yarn! I'm drooling! And I agree with all your reasons for stash-enhancing NOW too!

Emma said...

They all look so lovely.Good luck with the socks!

karen said...

don't worry - we're a lot of yarn-snobs around who just love any chance of watching other's new purchases - and tips on yarnstores (thank you!) and last but not least seeing that we're not alone obsessing over great fiber. I discovered the same thing!; - I buy less clothes - I'm sure we break even or better than that - and just think about all the fun and creativity we get in addition! Let the show go on!!
Those are wonderful yarns you got btw - and can't wait to see you knit socks!

KnitYoga said...

I wouldn't worry at all about the yarn you're buying. We all love to see different yarn and learn about new sources on others' blogs and I'm sure we all know where you're coming from. I also rationalise that, although I seem to spend a lot on yarn, I don't spend so much on stuff that others seem to spend a lot on. Each to their own. I have quite a biggish stash now so, if my DH was to be made redundant tomorrow (which I really hope wouldn't happen) and I also lost my job, at least I'd have the pleasure of knitting some lovely yarn. I'm not enjoying knitting the donated acrylic for the charity craft fair though so, knowing and appreciating the best, does it have its downfalls when you have to compromise your tastes!
All of the yarns in your photo look beautiful. Thanks for the link, too. I had a look and am definitely going to try not to click on it again for a while! Too tempting! :-)

Beth S. said...

I can't believe it! You, the fearless knitter of insanely difficult stranded projects, a sockophobe? Never fear, that gorgeous Koigu will cure that problem right away. :-)

I wasn't aware that showing off new yarn purchases could be interpreted the wrong way. These are knitting blogs; we buy yarn so that we can knit. What's wrong with that? But now that I think about it, I remember Wendy once getting some static about her yarn shopping. I say that's silly! If you've got it, and it's new and thrilling and makes you excited about your knitting, then go right ahead and talk about it. Today's yarn-store binge is tomorrow's really cool and interesting project. :-)

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