Saturday, March 04, 2006


I have finished Swing Thing for Nene (2). I would have preferred to have it modelled by a real person, but that dream died with this conversation:

Me: Nene, look, I have finished your coat!
Nene: Yes!! My coat! Mine! (dances happy dance)
Me:Why don't you try it on, and then we'll take a picture
Nene: No!!
Me: No? Don't be silly, come here, try it on!
Nene: No!
me: Why not?
Nene: It's too big
Me: Nonsense, it's not too big. Besides, you can't know that before you try it. Come on, try it on.
Nene: No. Too big.
Me: It's not too big. It's just right for you
Nene: I'm a big girl
Me: Yes, you are, which is why this coat is perfect for you
Nene: Mine
Me: Please try it on
Nene: No. I'm a big girl.
Me: Well, if you don't want it I guess we could give it to your cousin
Nene: No! It's mine! My coat!
Me: Of course it's yours. I was just kidding. Come now, put it on.
Nene: No! No! No!
Me: So you do want to give it to your cousin?
Nene: No. My coat! It's not hers. Mine!
Me: Ok, ok. Will you put it on then?
Nene: I'm a big girl.
Me: I'm going for a long walk. Alone
Nene: Me too (runs out to get her boots)


Daisy said...

Well I think it looks great and if I were the right size I would offer to try it on straight away!

Anne said...

Oh, I've been there - don't you just love 2 year-old logic!

And it's a beautiful coat. I will definitely have to knit one for Ruth.

KnitYoga said...

That is so sweet. A lovely coat. I bet when Nene does eventually agree to try it on she won't want to take it off again! :-)

jacqueline said...

oh gee - i am already thinking of you when she becomes a teenager! gorgeous coat though!

MagFly said...


I guess she will try it one day. So nice, but my girl is to big for this one...

My 2 year-old insisted on trying on every sweather he got on his birthday at once!

Tracy said...

I bet she's wearing it right now ;)

karen said...

Wonderful shape and color! Try this one next: "Nene, please don't put it on - and by no means must you stand in front of the camera!" ;) Would love to see her modelling it!

Toni said...

LOL--I was just having a conversation with someone that it's best to knit for young kids because they're more willing to wear whatever you make. or not!

Anonymous said...

Classic! We've got a three year old: been there, done that.

Me said...

I think it looks great! (and I have a two year old as well... they are awesome little creatures!)

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