Thursday, February 23, 2006

Prima Ballerina

I have pictures. Sort of. But before you judge the appalling quality of these pictures, please consider this:

16:45 left work
16:55 grocery shopping
17:00 came home, hugged Nene (2), handed over groceries to chef, went looking for camera and tripod while begging remaining day light to linger for a few more minutes 17:05 tripod set up and thoroughly demonstrated for Nene
17: 06 tripod fell over due to the enthusiasm of Nene
17:07 tripod set up again and photo session started
17:08 Nene needed a hug
17:09 continued photo session
17:10 Nene plays with tripod
17:11 continued photo session
17:12 Nene hits her head on tripod and needs another hug
17:13 cardigan hastily laid out (fairly)flat on floor
17:14 snap shots of cardi on floor taken
17:15 camera battery died anyway
17:16 dinner
17:30 change Nen's diaper
17:35 go to Mamma's house with Nene to hand over the belated Christmas gift

I include some photos of me wearing it to show how it drapes, but those shots don't show the colours well. So to show off the colours and details I include the floor shots, which on the other hand don't show the shape well. The floor shots makes the cardi look very wide, which of course it is, but it drapes really well, which obviously doesn't show iwhen laid out flat. Whatever. This is why you get not just one lousy photo, but five!(I think the pictures are clickable) Here they are:

Pattern: Hanne Falkenberg's Ballerina. Only available as a kit
Yarn: Falkenberg's 2-ply shetland wool
Modifications: Shortened the sleeves appr. 5-10 cm
Started 1 January 2006
Finished 22 February 2006


strikkeforsker said...

Absolutely stunning Ballerina and quite impressive photo documentation given the time schedule. Enjoy!

Annie said...

It looks really great. Congrats on a beautiful finished Ballerina!

Steph said...

Fabulous! The colors are wonderful.

MagFly said...

Ser fantastisk ut! Mammaen min òg har ein sånn i ein annan farge. Det er IKKJE meg som har strikka den...

Julie said...


Tracy said...

The length is just perfect. Now that's a special knit, where it with pride (and give Nene a hug from me too!)

Toni said...

Wow, the draping is lovely!

KnitYoga said...

Congratulations! It looks fabulous!

jacqueline said...

marie it is just beautiful! enjoy wearing it and all the compliments i just know you are going to get!

Daisy said...

Wow, that looks beautiful. Well done!

Beth S. said...

That is beautiful! The colors are perfect--they practically glow, they're so vivid. And it's amazing how this sweater, which looks a little odd when it's spread out flat on the floor, transforms into something elegant and shapely when it's worn. That's a really clever design.

karen said...

your lucky, lucky mom!! it is just amazing!! what an absolutely wonderful job you did - and so fast! I had to smile a bit reading your afternoon agenda....

castoncastoff said...

this is so fabulous.

Janette said...

Marie that is just beautiful. You are a wonderful craftswoman. Your mother is so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Den ble kjempefin! Og du er jammen snill som gir den bort! Fotoseanser som involverer små og sultne barn er ingen spøk - synes du har mestret oppgaven med glans! Ha en veldig fin dag - og hva strikker du nå??

Hilsen Ingrid (fuglemamma)

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