Thursday, February 23, 2006

My February knitting

Ballerina is finished (!!!), and being blocked as we speak - I hope to have some photos tonight or tomorrow. Ballerina is the reason I haven't updated my blog for the past couple of weeks, because I thought it would be finished two weeks ago, then I thought it would be finished last Friday, Saturday, Sunday - you know how it goes, right?

I did cast on the stranded hat during the Olympic opening ceremony, and made some progress before I put it aside to finish Ballerina. Will I be able to finish before the 26th? I don't know, but it's been pretty cold here lately so, Olympics aside, I'm anxious to finish it so it can warm my ears. I will pick it up again today, and there will be pictures and a progress report shortly.

Swing Thing got to big for a portable project, so it's on hold until the hat is finished. Only one sleeve to finish, though, so I expect another FO by next weekend.

I must always have a portable project, so I cast on for Durrow 3 weeks ago. I didn't blog about it then because I didn't expect much progress in the first weeks, and the 4x2 ribbing that makes up the back and front doesn't make for very interesting posts. But there has been some unexpected public knitting opportunities lately, so much to my surprise I have already finished the back and half the front.

The yarn is Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in colourway Highland. The colour is a bit greener in real life than in the pictures I had seen before it arrived, but it's nevertheless lovely and incredibly soft and light. The lightness surprised me most. It's an aran weight yarn, but when you pick up the ball it's as light as a dry sponge. I bought the yarn on sale at Getknitted, which is my new favorite online shop - they have interesting yarns, incredibly fast service, reasonable prices and they always put a lollipop in the package so Nene (2) is looking forward to yarn deliveries too now!

There were some interesting suggestions in the comments to my last post about the Cherry Tree Hill lace project. They are duly noted, and I want to say thank you for your ideas - they are much appreciated!!


castoncastoff said...

The tweed looks lovely! Am hanging out to see Ballerina though. ;-)

Beth S. said...

Can't wait to see Ballerina! :-)

Durrow looks like a fun knit, and you've chosen a lovely shade of Silkroad for it, too.

Anonymous said...

Godt du er tilbake på nett:-) Gleder meg til bildene av Ballerina. Silkroad så ut til å være et meget lekkert garn. Jeg måtte jo inn og titte på garnbutikken "din", men klarte å komme meg ut av siden igjen uten at kredittkortet fikk noen men...;-)

Anonymous said...

Og den kommentaren var fra meg:-)


Tracy said...

Salivating at the thought of your finished Ballerina ;)

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