Sunday, February 05, 2006

Autumn Shawl

This deliciousness is a skein of laceweight merino from Cherry Tree Hill, in the Indian Summer colourway. It's the most beautiful colour I have ever seen in a yarn - it's just perfect.

It was intended for the Shoalwater Shawl, but I have changed my mind, and ordered a blue yarn instead. So what do I do with the Indian Summer? I am not too crazy about variegated yarns for lace (the Shoalwater Shawl was going to be an exception) but what else can I do with two kilometers of laceweight yarn?

I have been thinking about a simple Faroese shawl, like the one in Folk Shawls, or the big garter stitch wrap in Scarf Style, but then I came across a pattern in A Gathering of Lace. The Mediterranean Shawl (picture in link) is an intricate lace shawl, and this yarn is totally unsuitable for it, and so is this knitter. BUT, it has the perfect shap for a shawl: It's a triangular shawl mixed with a rectangular shawl. The construction is a diamond shaped back panel flanked by two rectangular side panels. I think that shape would make a very nice and wearable shawl.

Cari has made a gorgeous scarf in the travelling vines pattern, in a similar colourway, and I think the travelling vines pattern is one that does work well with the right kind of variegated yarn. So I'll probably use that for the side panels. The travelling vines is a quite organic pattern, so I would like something of the same kind for the back too. With very limited lace experience, ans no lace stitch book in my possession, all I can think of is a leaf pattern like Birch, Kiri or Evelyn Clark's Leaf Lace Shawl (shown in a colourway similar to mine - interesting.)
I have tried to adapt the birch leaves to knit from the bottom, and modify it from a triangle to a diamond shape, and my conclusion is that I could probably do it if I bought a book of lace stitches, and then sat down to do the math properly. But I'm not sure I want to, or have the patience. So for now I an swatching the original diamond pattern from the Mediterranean shawl. If I like it, this is not a swatch, but the start of a shawl. If I don't I will try the daisy pattern that is offered for free at Heirloom Knitting. It looks similar to the original diamonds, but much simpler. It might be better suited for a variegated yarn as it seems to have more solid sections.

If that doesn't work out - well, then I'll have to think of something else. I would be grateful for any other ideas, of course! I have five other projects to finish before I start doing any serious work on this one, but there's no harm in swatching and playing with ideas, right?

I am going to call it the Autumn Shawl, as the colours are Autumn colours, there is the possibility for Indian summer in the Autumn, and some of my favorite people were born in the Autumn.

(and now I start thinking once again that a leaf pattern would be much more suitable for Autumn than a daisy pattern. I might just have to invest that math time after all.)


strikkeforsker said...

Kiri is a reverse version of Birch here:
pattern link is in the left side bar.
I also believe that arigated yarns are best for simple patterns, all of the ones you mention are beautiful

KnitYoga said...

Have you seen the book "Lavish Lace" by Carol Rasmussen Noble and Cheryl Potter? Cheryl Potter owns Cherry Tree Hill Inc and the book was written with these yarns specifically in mind and incorporates the variegated laceweight handpainted yarns into patterns that best utilise their particular colours and themes. There's a pattern in there which uses the Indian Summer colourway called Chancay Morning.

Janette said...

Marie, the yarn colouring looks beautiful. Good luck with the pattern, I'll be watching with interest! ... Janette

Tracy said...

I've got that lurking in my stash too I think! It's gorgeous isn't it?

Beth S. said...

I think I'd probably knit a triangle or rectangle with a very simple body (plain old garter stitch?) and then a deep, intricate lacy edging. There's a lot of color in that yarn, so a fairly simple pattern is best. I like the idea of the daisy scarf, too--it's Sharon Miller, so you know it's good. :-)

Daisy said...

Thanks for the link to the Daisy shawl. I'm going to HAVE to make it someday aren't I?! ;-)
I love the colour of your yarn too..

Cassie said...

Hmm.... suggestions.... You can always do an EZ Pi or Pi squared shawl, those are elegant and can be simple or complex.

Also, has some gorgeous patterns for complex as well as simple shawls. I'm not sure you can order directly from her, but I think she has links for retail sources.

Steph said...

I do love the Kiri pattern, it's simple, but has a little more to it with the edging. If you are thinking of an rectangular shawl, have you seen Eunny's Print O' the Wave? It's free on her sidebar.
Thanks for the hint of how to link back the comment, really I'm such an ignoramus at times ;-)

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