Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Someone please help me!!!

Arrgg! Can someone please explain a desperate knitter in distress the relevance of this sentence in the Ballerina pattern: "Strik lige op nederst i ærmekanten (samtidig som vendingerne fortsætter mod raglansømmen)" The first part of that sentence made no sense to me. Now, as the second part of the sentence made perfect sense, I chose to ignore the first part and move on. Now I have 175 sleeve stitches on my needles, instead of 130. I am pulling my hair out here, but cannot for the life of me understand where I went wrong.

What to do!!??

Well, the answer is obvious.

1.Toss it aside and start new project instead. With silk yarn!

2. Buy more yarn and more books
(I was decluttering the drawers of a desk today, when I came across a credit card I had forgotten we have. Oh goody, it was still valid! And there are yarn sales all over the place!) Joking aside, I found Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed for Durrow on sale here, and Noro not exactly on sale here, but I have finally (I am very slow) realised that I can subtract 17.5 % (VAT) when I buy yarn from the UK, which in my opinion is a sale as good as any. And there's a couple of books coming my way too. Big smile!

Returning to the Ballerina: It is very interesting as it is knit across in one piece, starting with the left front, then the left sleeve, back, right sleeve and right front. I have finished the left front, and was happily knitting along on the sleeve increases when I got stuck. I am sure of one thing about this problem: The error is definitely not in the pattern, but in my interpretation of the text. I'll have to sleep on it. Anyway, here's a progress picture:

And here's a picture of the contents of the package I received from Magfly the other day:

Thank you, Magfly!!!! I was so happy when I received this!
Magfly is a Norwegian knitter, whose blog I've been reading for awhile, and she has a Mermaid 9 too. In a comment to my last post she generously offered me to take over her leftover yarn, so I can make the matching top I was talking about. Isn't that amazing!!!

Adding hers to mine, I now have this, which I am sure must be enough for the perfect top:

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magfly said...

I will take a look at MY mums Ballerina this afternoon. *returning*

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