Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Knitting Meme

Hazel tagged me for the New Year Knitting Meme, which I see as a good opportunity to look back and look forward, without too much details.


What new knitting techniques did you learn this year?
Lace and cables were both new to me. I had planned to try cables, but it had never occurred to me that I could try lace. I blame that one on the Blogosphere influence!

Which completed project from the last 12 months are you most proud of?

What was your biggest knitting disaster of the last year?
Garnstudio Silk Tweed cardigan. Note to self: Have never liked Garnstudio yarns or patterns - do try and resist them in the future

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your knitting in 2005?
2005 was the year that I discovered the world of knitting blogs, and also decided to start one myself. The influence from Blogland has made a big difference in my knitting. I have tried new techniques, found more interesting pattern and designers than I would in my LYS, worked harder to present good results and found loads of inspiration in blogs from all over the world.

What knit craze grabbed you this year?
Birch and Clapotis. Both patterns were addictive knits, and I wear both shawls a lot, so I am happy that I made them. But if I can help it I will try to avoid knit crazes in the future, because they don't exactly contribute to diversity in Blogland.

New Year's resolutions
I will keep looking for the perfect fair isle project and the perfect lace project. Perfect in the sense that it is technically interesting, will improve my knitting skills and result in a garment that I will actually want to wear. However, I am not sure any of these projects will be actual FOs (or even WIPs) in 2006.

I tried new techniques in2005, but in 2006 I think I will focus more on yarns and colours. There will be Noro and there will Koigu.

My future projects list today includes Kirkby, Durrow and possibly a Noro jacket for my boyfriend.
For myself I will make W, from Noro knits Carraway, Gloria,Hudson and/or York, a soft and warm shawl, cashmere sweater from stash, Isager Tvinni sweater called "En kort og en lang" from stash, a shetland wool fair isle yoke sweater.
For my mother I will knit Hanne Falkenberg's Ballerina, starting today, details to be posted tomorrow.
For Nenne the coat Swing Thing.

Longterm plans (not necessarily 2006 or even 207) include one proper lace shawl and one fair isle project from Norsk Strikkedesign

The folks to pass this meme on to: Karen, Kate, Steph, Julie - if they want to!

And here's a picture of the Hipknits silk (thanks again, Hazel!!) I plan to use for the W tank:

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KnitYoga said...

Thanks for doing the meme, Tari. Sounds like you're going to be one busy lady! I love the colours in the silk. Happy New Year!!

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