Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lace options

I have the ambition to try and knit lace. But I have a hard time choosing between all the different patterns out there; the selection is too big for me! This post is for myself to help me organise my ideas, and have a place to collect links, because I find the blog is the best place to keep knitting notes that I want to keep. I will probably keep updating it with new links and remove ones that don't interest me anymore.

Intermediate patterns from Fiddlesticks:

Lotus Blossom Shawl Recommended yarn Fiddlesticks Knitting Country Silk yarn. Variegated, colourways I like are Wine, Autumn, perhaps Bronze Edit: Eggplant instead of Wine. Not Autumn. Recommended for Advanced Beginner or Intermediate lace knitters.
Flirty Ruffles Shawl Recommended yarn Zephyr Wool Silk. For intermediate knitters.
Lily of the Valley Stole Recommended yarn Zephyr Wool Silk. For intermediate knitters.
Peacock Feathers Shawl - Advanced intermediate. Recommended yarn Zephyr Wool Silk

Other bloggers report that Fiddlestick patterns are clear and well written.

Fiber Trends

The Seascape shawl
Field of Flowers

Heirloom Knitting

Dove Shawl for the moderately experienced, whatever that means: Moderately experienced in knitting in general, or lace specifically??
Wisteria Shawl, moderately experienced
Melanie Shawl, described as a good follow-on after having tried a starter project
Cora shawl, for the moderately experienced, a wavy kind of pattern which I like, but hate the colours.
The Cameron Shawl, for the moderately experienced

Most of the HK patterns were recommended for experienced knitters.

From Blackberry Ridge:

Poinsettia claims to be intermediate. Looks very traditional to me, but I have no knowledge of this subject.
Evening in Eden Stole looks nice and tidy. Intermediate.
Faroese Flower Shawl, intermediate
Weeping Willow Shawl, intermediate
Violets by the River, intermediate

There were many other intermediate projects at Blackberry - too many, got confused. I'll probably not start there anyway.

From Folk Shawls: Faroese shawl Stora Dimun; Irish Diamond Shawl
My ultimate goal: Meg Swanson's Mediterranean Lace from A Gathering of Lace.

A preliminary conclusion is to have a closer look at the Fiddlesticks and Fiber Trends shawls to start with. See if any knitters have blogged about them. Come back to Heirloom Knitting when I have some more experience.

On a different note: Have you ever tried to scan a teletubbies dvd to find one particular scene? It's very frustrating, because all the scenes start in exactly the same way with a panorama of the green landscape and the rabbits and all.
I really can't find the scene with the elephants. Stop nagging me about it.

Yes, I'm home with sick child today. We have seen "Here come the teletubbies" twice now," Oooh" once, and tried to watch "Dances with teletubbies" (my favorite), but sadly it was completely covered in jam and chocolate.

For future reference: Elephants at 57-6, Here come the teletubbies


Beth S. said...

Oh, I think you'll love lace knitting. It should be a breeze for an experienced color-knitter like you--no chart anxiety.

Don't worry too much about pattern ratings--pick a project you really like and dive in. (Didn't you give me that very same advice once? ;-)

KnitYoga said...

Good luck with the lace knitting, Tari. I'm sure you'll do really well with it. I must get around to challenging myself with some more complicated lace, too.

Wye Sue said...

Reading Heirloom patterns if you can count, increase with yo, and decrease then most should be fine. Think they are described as experienced coz they are on thin needles and thread/yarn...
Look forward to seeing your choice grow :-)

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