Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Ballerina problem in previous post is solved!! Had an a-ha moment - it was inspired - will frog & fix tomorrow.

Meanwhile I have almost finished the yoke of Swing Thing, but something weird happened with it. The pattern calls for some yarns I'm not familiar with, but the gauge is 16/10 cm, so I thought perhaps HipKnits silk, which is aran weight, would work. Last nights I swatched (something I very seldom do) first on 4.5 mm and got 20 nice, tight stitches, and then on 6 mm which gave 14 sloppy looking stitches. Decided to buy 5 mm needle, which theoretically should give 18 stitches, right?, and compensate for the difference by knitting a bigger size.

When I measured the finished yoke I found my gauge was 20 on 5 mm needles too. Not good. What happened to 18? Measured again, and got 22!! How is that possible?
Lesson learnt: Do not swatch. Swatches deceive you.

Conclusion: Will finish this coat and hope the silk stretches.

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