Sunday, December 11, 2005

UFO update

Thank you to everybody who submitted comments and suggestions regarding my UFO. Most commenters thought I should finish it and give it to someone bigger than me.

But, there are new facts on the table to help me in the decision making process. I remembered a very useful idea from a Knitty article about fitting: I replaced the needle with a piece of yarn so I could actually try the sweater on to get a better idea of the size and fit. It worked! And it was bad! At least 30% too big for me. And removing the needle also disclosed that it has been knit with different gauges in the rose border and the rest. I tend to start fair isle at a nice and tight gauge and then it loosens, but this was more than normal, it was really terrible.

I must have been sleeping when I knit this sweater. (Well, technically I wasn't sleeping, but most of it was knit in January 2004 when Helene was three months old. Note to self: Do not attempt to knit fair isle while nursing baby at three o'clock in the morning.)

I had one idea which I thought was kind of inspired: It's a cardigan, so I'll have to steek it at some point. Why not do that now, before I knit another stitch, and cut away 1/3 of the fabric in the process? I am sure that would work. I toyed with that idea for a few days but decided against it because of the different-gauges-disaster.

So I have decided to frog it. Completely. That means the rose border too.

That doesn't mean total abandonment, however. I am thinking of using the yarn for a shaped black sweater with the same rose border. Something along the lines of this sweater from the latest Interweave.

But there are around 15 other projects on my projects list, so don't expect results in the near future.

If I ever get the urge to knit something Norwegian again, it will be a hat or mittens, and maybe in 2007 or 2008 the Season of Darkness and Winter Light. (the little picture) How about a mini knitalong, Beth?You have inspired me to seriously consider the Seasons cardigan again.

In the meantime, to quench my thirst for fair isle, I plan to knit this sweater from Vogue knitting. It will also give me the opportunity to use shetland wool, which I want to use again after trying it for the first time for the Mermaid. The combination of warmth and lightness is amazing.

But this will all have to wait. There are three things on my needles now: One is secret, the second is boring and the third is a ribbed alpaca sweater that hasn't progressed much since you last saw it in October.

I expect to cast on more interesting knits (none that are mentioned here!) in the next couple of days.


karen said...

Good thing you found aut about the gauge-problem before continuing! Still I'm really impressed that you could knit such beautiful fair-isle in the "haze-of-nursery"! I love that sweater from the Interweave! - And talking about that - did you just receive yours? - I'm waiting for it to show up in my mailbox!

Beth S. said...

I'll do it if you will! ;-) Actually, right now I'm waiting to see if that sweater kit will appear beneath the Christmas tree this year. If not, I might have to order it for an anniversary present (at the end of January.)

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