Thursday, November 03, 2005

Progress pictures

My Rauma/Mariah cabled cardigan is coming along nicely. This is my second attempt at cables, and while the first was as two week nightmare of nose-in-the-chart and regular frogging sessions, this time I'm in a flow mode. I'm not using the chart at all! :proud:

I have taken elements of the ribbing from Mariah, but combined it with the Rauma where the cable starts. I'm using the cable from the Rauma pattern on the back and both sleeves. The front pieces are plain stockinette, like the Mariah, but I have added one simple cable running up along the edges. I have decided to make I-cord edges on the front pieces, and put in a zipper. The Rauma cardi is garter stitch, but I'm doing it in stockinette, hoping that this modification won't mess up the math. As always, I didn't swatch and don't pay attention to gauge. I have lost some weight in the past year, and try to lose some more, so size is an impossible issue anyway. Better not to bother with it at all!
I have reached the armhole on the back and the two front pieces, where I have to make some decisions regarding decreases & numbers. Meanwhile I'm knitting sleeves, about 1/3 of first sleeve is done.
I have an idea for a simple ribbed collar, but haven't quite figured out how to do it, and whether the zipper should stop before the collar or run along the collar too. Also I'm not sure how to do the shaping of the neck, but will deal with it when I get there.

As for the shape I'm not relying on any of the patterns. I'm just going to do a straight forward raglan cardigan, thinking that can't possibly go wrong.It is obvious that this project could very easily end up in the frog pond!

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karen said...

It looks wonderful! You bring out the best in both patterns! Hopefully - and I would say probably- there is no way you'll need to frog this!

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