Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Teaching children crafts

There were a some interesting comments to yesterday's post regarding children and learning crafts. They were interesting because, despite my joking about teaching my two year old how to knit, they nevertheless focus on what little kids can do, and I think that's a great approach. Tracy suggests a thingy to knit an I-cord with. I vaguely remember something like that from my childhood. Will look for one (Hehe, there's 1.5 meters of I-cord on Mermaid, and my daughter could have helped me! Why didn't I think of that before!?) Daisy explains how they would punch holes in old postcards and thread wool through it. I don't quite get it, but again a vague memory is triggered. I think I have done that when i was little. I would love a further explanation, Daisy!

I remember being given a little Brio weaving loom when I was eight or nine, it was the best present ever!, and I would weave little rugs for my doll's house on it.

I don't remember how old I was when I learnt to knit, but I have saved my first little garter stitch patch, and looking at it I'm guessing I was six or seven. My daughter uses it for a blanket in her doll's house, so it has come in very useful! Here it is in all its 2 x 5 cm glory, my first FO:

My second project was a sock (only one) when I was 11. I hated making it, but had to in crafts class in school. After that no more sock knitting for me. Ever.

At the age of 13 I was ready for my third knitting project (the first two being the garter stitch patch above and the lone sock). I chose a sweater (!) with a fair isle yoke(!!). I must have been mad to think I could do it, and I love my mother for having faith in me, buying the yarn and never telling me it was too complicated. It took me a half year to finish, it came out fine, I wore it a lot, I knit eight more sweaters during my teen age years, and it led me to believe, mistakenly or not, that if I really want to I can knit anything.

Which is why in 2010 I will buy the Wedding Ring Shawl Kit for myself, and a starter kit for my 7 year old!!
But only if she wants it.


KnitYoga said...

That's great that you knitted that jumper at the age of 13! A lot of really experienced knitters would have been proud to have knitted it.

KnitYoga said...

Sorry, forgot to say that regarding the French Knitter that Tracy was referring to, I actually bought one of those from the Stitch and Creative Crafts Show that I went to on Saturday. The reason I got it was because they're great for doing metres and metres of icord quite quickly! It was from Tajcrafts who had a stall there. I'll be putting some photos on my blog later of the things I bought so I'll include that. If you do want one and can't get one nearer to you, you should be able to get one from them - perhaps email them or something. They have two websites - if you put tajcrafts or tajyarns into your browser they should come up. If you have difficulty obtaining one, let me know. I think Helene may be a little young at the moment but they are a fantastic way to introduce knitting to little ones.

Steph said...

That sweater is cute! I believe there also is an article in the Knitty archives on kids and knitting, 'get them while they're young' or so.

Daisy said...

The threading yarn through holes in postcards doesn't really make anything decorative (although it could probably be adapted so it did?). But it is very good for learning basic ideas of "threading", especially if the child is too young for a needle (wrap sellotape round the end of the yarn). I moved from postcards onto Aida fabric with enormous holes for doing cross stitch. Then gradually moved onto sewing stuff and then knitting!

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