Monday, October 24, 2005


Here's a picture of the River stole as finished as it is going to get. It is, how shall I put it, only half blocked. I gave up. First I spent an hour threading the fishing line through the tiniest holes. Then I soaked it, and spent the next hour crawling around on the spare bed tugging and stretching and trying to pin it out in the shape of a rectangle. My neck and back still hurt from all that exercise. But no success. If I got the long edges right, the short edges would bend in, and when I got the short edges right, the long edges would go out of shape. I gave up and tried the steam iron instead, but that didn't work either. Then I stretched and pulled it furiously with my fists, but I think I might have to face the fact that it is quite simply a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I will just have to forget the whole thing, and in a few weeks I might have yet another go at the blocking, in case I still want to wear it for Christmas parties.

I have started the Rauma/Mariah cardigan, and I love it. More about that, and pictures, in a couple of days.

I have spent the day finger painting with Helene, which taught me a lesson or two, so now I'm heading over to Alveslottet and Sprell looking for less messy paints/art products. Note to self: Stay out of the costumes and slippers section of Alveslottet!

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KnitYoga said...

Tari, Whilst I empathise greatly with your description of your blocking exercise, I also had to smile because I recognise the scenario - I've been there! As regards size, is it really that small? I don't think a stole needs to be any particular size within reason. It looks really nice in the photo and perfectly knitted.

Looking forward to seeing your pics of the Rauma/Mariah cardigan.

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