Saturday, October 15, 2005


First I'd like to say thank you for all the nice comments on Mermaid!

I wore it to work on Monday, and it works really nice in real life too, not just in front of the mirror like some other knitted garments in my wardrobe. It's going to be my favorite handknit ever, no doubt, I want to wear it every day. So why, after a cold & wet summer, do we get an Indian Summer right now, when all I want is to wear my unbearably warm, yet very light, new jacket??

There were some questions in the comments regarding Mermaid, that I will try to answer:

Daisy asked what I did in the end about my wet- or steamblocking dilemma. Well, I kind of did both...Before I wetblocked it, the size was perfect. After the blocking the sleeves were a bit long, and the fabric in the back a bit loose, whereas the problem with too much fabric around the upper arms remained unsolved. So I steamblocked it to try and fix the top of the sleeves, and all in all I still don't understand the point of wetblocking!

Patti asked " In swatching, my stitches look best on a 2.5 mm bamboo. But I'm worried about gauge. Usually row gauge doesn't matter so much, but is real important on this. Did yours come out right in length and width without adjusting? "

I didn't swatch to get gauge (yes, I know, bad girl, knitting police come and get me!). The reason was, like Patti points out, that it was really difficult to get nice stitch appearance with such a thin yarn in garter stitch. I knitted with 2.5 mm needles (the instructions indicate 3 mm), because in my experience reducing needle size by 0.5 mm normally gets me the right gauge. (For absolute perfect stitch appearance I could have reduced it even more, but that would have stretched my patience just a bit too much I think). But still, I deceided that stitch appearance would have to be given priority, I chose needles according to that and just went along blindly hoping the gauge would turn out right. And it did. So I don't know what to tell you, Patti. I still don't know if I got the right row gauge according to the pattern. All I know is that with my (rather loose) knitting tension, and my 2.5 mm needles it happened to come out right for my body with no adjustments. I guess you'll just have to try, and perhaps frog it, and try again. That said, and though I agree that row gauge is important, I believe you can adjust - or not - a few centimeters when you choose your blocking method. Like I said earlier, it grew a few (unwanted) centimeters when I blocked it. The funny thing is that it's still a perfect fit. It fit perfectly before the extra centimeters, and it still fits perfectly.

Veronique asked: "The sleeve is too small (3-4cm smaller than the armhole). I am getting gauge exactly, both stitch and row, using a 2.5mm Addi turbo, so I am very frustrated. I see from your pictures that it appears you had the reverse problem; your sleeve seems bigger than the armhole on the body?!"

When the first sleeve was finished, I was worried too, because it appeared to small for the armhole like you say. But when I attached the sleeve it I was surprised to find that it was actually a bit big, so I had to adjust it a bit, making it look a bit baggy. But, like I said to Patti, I never checked row gauge, so I don't really know. I suppose I could measure the row gauge now, if you think it would help, but the fabric has been soaked, blocked and steamed, so I am not sure it would give you the correct picture anymore? But if you really think it's too small you might want to try to wetblock the sleeve, but not the body, before you attach the sleeves?

Totally unrelated to knitting, Smileull asked in a previous comment why I want to escape to a particular island on the south coast: It's where my family comes from. I have gone there every summer since I was born. It's my favorite place, and I feel strongly attached to it.

Now I am going to knit a few rows on my River before I go to bed. I don't enjoy it much, so I hope to finish it soon and cast on my purple cabled cardigan instead.


Jaimi said...

just wanted to say has been four months since I started my own blog and I am just now getting to know my neighbors in the Knitting Bloggers ring. So, Hi!!

Veronique said...

Ooh! I'm a guest star on your blog! Thanks for answering my question, now everything is clear.

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