Friday, October 21, 2005

Finished River and starting new project

River is finished, at last. It has dragged on day after day, and I haven't enjoyed it much. I tried to block it the simple way, by pinning it out, and not use any wires or threads, but that just wouldn't work. So I got some fishing line, and decided to do the blocking properly for once in my life. Note to self: Next time, make sure to thread the wire into the stitches while the piece is dry. It is impossible to do anything with the fussy lump you get when you soak Kidsilk Haze. Now I have a River drying and unblocking on the spare bed...Will have another go at it tomorrow.

Tonight I plan to cast on my purple cabled Rauma cardigan, but before I do that I have to do some math, and make some decisions regarding pattern modifications.

I am keeping the back and the sleeves as they are.
But I think I might want to change the shape a bit; make it less baggy and more like the Mariah. And I think I will make the ribbed section a bit longer, like the Mariah. I want to change the front. I don't like the cables all over the place. I have been thinking about doing a small cabled panel instead, but I think I might just keep it plain. Like the Mariah. Also I am not to crazy about the buttons. Will consider zipper instead. Like the Mariah. And I want to change the collar too, but don't have any ideas yet. Will not have a hood like the Mariah though, because it would hide the gorgeous cables on the back.
All things considered I guess I could change my starting point, and go with the Mariah pattern instead, but add the cables on the back and loose the
hood :pondering:


karen said...

I agree - the shape of mariah is much more appealing than the other one - but the cables in the back of the Rauma are beautiful... I am sure you will work out a perfect combination of the two, good luck!

jacqueline said...

i love that cable running up that back of rauma. i can't wait to see how you solve your dilemna. (although i have to agree with karen - the shape of mariah is just lovely).

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