Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Works In (various stages of) Progress

I have spent the weekend with my girl friends, happily leaving husbands and kids at home. There was eating, there was drinking, there was talking and of course there was shopping. But sadly I didn't make it to the Isager yarn shop that Karen recommended, which I was really looking forward to. But I spend a few weeks every year in that part of the country, so there will be new opportunities for yarn acquisition.

Got some knitting done too.

1. Here is the result of one week of alpaca sweater knitting:

K3 p2 on 2.5 mm needles - thank God it's the softest yarn I have ever tried or I would go mad. I have knit appr. 20 cm on this now. Managed to put in two hours of knitting during a meeting (where no bosses were present...) at work today - hehe wish I could do that every day.

2. And this is what I have after one weekend of River knitting:

Yes, it's that old devil called frog again. I managed one pattern repeat, but there was an error I couldn't figure out, so I ripped it, and will put it away until Mermaid is finished.

3. And here is one hour worth of Mermaid sleeve knitting:

Have had a few days off from Mermaid, but back at it now, and still loving it.


Tracy said...

I love the old devil bit, I shall be singing that all day now!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your Mermaid finished. I haven't decided on Diva yet, there are too many other projects in line, but I'm yearning...

Hope you have a great knitting week!


Steph said...

The YT might work just fine for you, but for me, it didn't work. I'm a bit of a 'princess on the pea' when it comes to yarn softness ;-)

karen said...

the camel-colored seater is looking lovely! I have given you a challenge - please take a look at my 30. sept. entry. In my blog.
it took me a loong time - so only do it if you wish.. have a great weekend!

KnitYoga said...

The alpaca sweater's coming along well. I can well imagine its softness! Very much looking forward to seeing the completed Mermaid. The KSH you've chosen for River looks nice - is that the Kid Silk Night?

Marie said...

Yes, it's Kidsilk Night, I think the colour is called Starry Night.

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