Saturday, September 03, 2005

Old alpaca and new Dale Baby Patterns

I have been waiting impatiently for the new Dale patterns, in particular the baby patterns, and after 3 visits to the LYS last week I finally got my hands on it today (Dale Baby Booklet 162). There are som nice things in it, but they have made better things before I think, so I'm not too excited.

I did find a couple of things in it, however, that might be suitable patterns for some fabulous alpaca I have as leftovers from a sweater I knitted for myself this spring. It's a really nice alpaca, (from Pinnsvinsdesign, I find it softer than "Du Store Alpakka") and there is quite a lot of it, almost 4 skeins, so I want to put it too good use. I was thinking maybe the Flower Sweater in the picture and the Jester Hat. (Crappy pictures, I know, but Dale hasn't updated their website, so linking wasn't an option, and as I don't have a scanner I had to photograph the actual booklet).

It seems a shame though, not to use the Dale Baby Ull that the patterns were intended for. I use a lot of baby merino yarn for my knitting, but only the Dale Baby Ull and Sandnes Lanett. I find that those two yarns are interchangeable and practically identical when it comes to quality, and I often knit a Dale pattern with Sandnes Lanett and vice versa, or even use both yarns in the same garment. They cost the same, but I live nearby the Sandnesgarn spinning mill where you can sometimes get it a bit cheaper, so I always try Lanett first. BUT, I think the range of vibrant, modern colours of Dale Baby Ull is unsurpassed, so most of the time Dale Baby Ull is what I end up using. You can see the shade card here.

Anyway. I think this is a definite future project, after I finish the Mermaid and the Birch. I hope to finish the Birch this afternoon, and have some pictures to show tomorrow.

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