Friday, September 30, 2005


Karen challenged me to answer the questions below. This is my first meme, now I feel like I have become a proper inhabitant of Blogland!

Ten years ago:
In the autumn of 1995 I was 26 and entering my final year of law studies at the University of Oslo. I spent all my free time (and a lot of study time too...) working for (and partying and travelling with) an international law students organisation.

Five years ago:
In the autumn of 2000 we were building a house, and doing a lot of the work ourselves. There were some very long and hard afternoons and evenings at the building site.

One year ago:
In the autumn of 2004 our daughter was one year old, and I returned to work after my maternity leave. I was reading tons of books about living with children and bringing up children, and became interested in the parenting style called Attachment Parenting and the ideas of Gentle Discipline. We try to live in accordance with those ideas, but some are hard to combine with full time work.

Five yummy things:
Dark chocolate
Creme caramel
Homemade marzipan

Five songs I know by heart:
* a considerable amount of childrens songs, as we go to baby singing every week...
* I am not proud of this, but have to admit that I know by heart just about very ABBA song that was ever written..
* Prince - I think I can still sing along on most songs from the albums Purple Rain, Sign o' the Times and Parade
* the Doors' Alabama Song and People are strange
* some parts of Mozart's Requiem

Five things I would do with a LOT of money:
* quit my job to to be with my daughter. I guess I wouldn't need a lot of money to do that - but still a lot more than I have today.
* quit my job and start a really cool yarn shop. Actually I think I could do that too without a LOT of money - I'm sure a moderate amount would be sufficient. I have loads of ideas for the place!
* quit my job to work for free for an NGO, preferably one that dealt with human rights.
* quit my job and go back to university to study art and literature.
* quit my job and do nothing...

Five places I would love to escape to:
* Prague
* somewhere Mediterranean
* The British isles
* Italy
* Brekkestø on the Norwegian South Coast

Five things I would never wear:
* anything yellow or pink
* fur - neither fake nor real
* anything athletic looking
* cheap shoes
* animal prints

Five favorite TV-shows:
* Desperate housewives, Judging Amy and Six Feet Under
* Lost, and Twin Peaks
* Mr. Bean and Fawlty Tower
- 7 shows organised in 3 categories is a kind of five, don't you think?

Five things I enjoy doing:
* play, sing and read with my daughter
* lazy afternoon in cafe with coffee and newspaper
* family time
* watch a good play or a film
* boating and fishing

Favorite toys:
* camera
* books and films
* laptop
* tulip bulbs and rose bushes
* knitting needles obviously

Five people who get this meme:
I feel a bit shy about tagging people, but I would love to learn more about the lovely English ladies:
Kate, Hazel, Daisy, Heather, Tracy


Tracy said...

Heavens you've just reminded me that Cathy tagged me for this very same meme a couple of weeks ago. I'll get thinking!

karen said...

I'm impressed by how fast you did this meme! - and I especially loved the part about the yarn-store. One day - when we both are fed up with our jobs - let's get together and open the greatest yarnstore in norway!! ;) It's nice to have dreams...

smileull said...

Hey - we'd like to run away to the same spot! How come you want to go to Brekkestø? :-)

Oh, and your Mermaid is beautiful!

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