Friday, September 23, 2005

Happy day!

The body of Mermaid is finished. I tried it on immediately, and so far it seems it's a perfect fit! I can't believe my luck, because I never checked the gauge after I decided the appearance of the stitches would have to be first priority. This decision left me with no choice as far as needle size was concerned, so I've been living dangerously for the past weeks!

I am so happy with this, I know I will want to make another one, and I say this before I even start the sleeves or try it on properly!
Total effective knitting time so far has been appr. 30 hours.

The Mermaid fitting session had already made my day, but when I opened my mailbox it got even better:

1000 Sweaters and A Yorkshire Fable arrived. I have only had time to leaf through them very quickly, so all I can say for now is that 1000 sweaters looks promising, very practical, but perhaps a bit dull. The great surprise was that it seems that all the patterns can be knit with Kidsilk Haze, so I will definitely study it very closely when I get the time.

A Yorkshire Fable is amazing. I want to knit everything in it!! First up is an aran for boyfriend. Will get back to that later.

But there was more great stuff in my mailbox. There was a letter from the library informing me that they have managed to obtain Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting. I didn't have much hope for this, so that was a pleasant surprise. I have to wait for it a little while, though, but that's ok.

But my mailbox was still not empty! My River Stole kit with 2 balls of black Kidsilk Night, and the KSH shade card arrived too. The latter will come in particularly handy now that I have a book of 1000 KSH sweater patterns!!

Helene liked the Kidsilk Haze too: "Look, Mama! Ball!
My ball!"

I am going to the South Coast for the weekend, so for the rest of the evening I will search the internet for local yarn shops in Kristiansand and Lillesand (suggestions are very welcome), while knitting some more rows on my alpaca sweater (which is another subject to blog about some other day).


Steph said...

wow, the mermaid cardi is just amazing, I can't wait to see that finished (no pressure ;-)). I'm glad the sizing worked out for you. A Yorkshire fable is gorgeous, there is a long cabled cardi I'd love to add to my list.
I see what you're doing with Helene: Get 'em while they're young!

KnitYoga said...

Tari, the Mermaid is looking great! Lucky, lucky you also for finding the Alice Starmore Aran Knitting book via the library. That book sells on Ebay for a fortune! Helene looks really cute.

Daisy said...

Mermaid looks fantastic and as for all your parcels - wow!

karen said...

mermaid is looking wonderful! makes me want to knit it too! Tip: when in Kr. sand you should go and visit "den blaa dør" kristian IVs gate 27 - if you didn't already plan that. plenty of marianne isager yarn/patterns! have a great weekend!And your daughter H. is a princess!!

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