Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Progress report

I return from my holiday with an almost finished baby aran sweater. All that remains is a very tedious 8 cm k2 p2 neck, and a little bit of finishing. I hope to finish the sweater tonight, and take some better pictures tomorrow (with daylight, and model not sleeping).

This was my first ever attempt at cables, which is strange, because I have always loved cabled sweaters. I have no idea why I haven't knitted one for myself yet. Looking for the perfect pattern, perhaps. For a baby pattern, I think this one is absolutely gorgeous. It's clean and tidy; not too many or too broad cables, and I particularly like the middle of the panel ( I don't know the names of the different cables - I guess I'm looking for a good book about arans too!) I will definitely knit this pattern again, in various colours and sizes, as my daughter grows older.

I have found this project quite troublesome, however. It took me awhile before I was able to "read" the pattern. The first four days were spent with my nose in the chart, not looking up, making numerous mistakes, knitting and frogging and knitting again the first pattern repeat, while trying to talk intelligently about life, truth & the ocean with the other people present. It was definitely not the best chosen knitting project to bring for two week rainy holiday in small seaside cabin where conversation with fellow guests was expected...

After a week my mother-in-law arrived, and so much regretted not bringing any knitting that she volunteered to knit the sleeves and a matching pair of socks. A great deal! I loathe knitting little things like baby sleeves and socks on 5 needles, while my mother-in-law enjoys it to the extent that she suggested she knit the sleeves for any future grandchild sweaters, and also take over my my leftover baby wool for sock knitting purposes. Can't believe my luck!

Helene loved the new socks that grandma knitted for her:

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