Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Baby Rose Cardigan - at last!!

I have one more FO to show from my holiday knitting: The Rose Cardigan. It is a Dale of Norway pattern, and the yarn is Dale Baby Ull. This was my second oldest UFO (started May 04), so I am very happy to have finished it at last, chrocheted trimmings and all!! I don't really know how to crochet, but it's amazing what one can learn on the internet! The crocheting isn't exactly perfect, but for me it's good enough. It's good enough because it was my new years resolution to fight my inner perfectionist, and this is a good occasion to do so, and just enjoy having tried something new.

The cardigan was knitted in the round, and steeked in the Norwegian way. I would never ever knit a pattern of this kind if I couldn't knit it in the round, because it saves a lot of time and energy despite the steeking. I don't really mind the steeking, and I have done it many times before, but this time it nearly went wrong. Many stitches unravelled, and it was a nightmare to pick them up and try to secure them without ruining the pattern, and without access to a sewing maschine (I was on vacation), so the next time I will definitely approach this task more humbly.

The sleeves are knitted in a traditional Norwegian pattern called lice, but with a twist, as all the second row red stiches were purled, which I suppose adds a little texture. I find the lice pattern incredibly boring to knit, but appearantly it serves a purpose. The idea I think is that when the yarn is carried along on the purl side, it forms an extra layer of wool which adds warmth to the garment.(The rose pattern does the same of course, but the lice is a bit easier, and not so loud).

Actually I find the finishing work involved in a cardigan like this quite tedious with the steeking and the picking-up of stitches around the neck and down the front, not to mention the endless weaving-in of ends, so I am really looking forward to my next project now, which is a single colour raglan sweater (baby aran described in a previous post) - I think that must entail just about no finishing work whatsoever! Will cast on tomorrow during lunch break.

I would have started the baby aran during my holidays, but Harry Potter was given priority.

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Heather said...

Lovely cardigan!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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