Saturday, August 27, 2005

And the shopping goes on

I have spent two evenings looking for a pattern for my cashmere yarn, but can't seem to find anything that fits. I have looked at several Debbie Bliss and Jo Sharp books, but can't find anything with the right gauge. I have also been looking for ideas for sweater for boyfriend. Went to the library to look for Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting, but of course they didn't have it. Or anything else remotely interesting for that matter. Amazon saved the day again. I have ordered A Yorkshire Fable, planning to knit Kirkby (picture) for boyfriend. For myself and the cashmere I must accept that I have to do the job myself, so I ordered 1000 sweaters hoping it will be helpful in working out the shape of the sweater, and 220 Aran Patterns and Stitches because I want some cables or something, and found that a reference book would be useful. With this combination I should never have to buy a knitting pattern ever again. Theoretically speaking of course.

Meanwhile I am working on my second Birch. This is something I don't normally do. I never read a book twice and I never knit the same pattern again. But this is going to be a birthday gift. I find it a lot easier to knit the second time. With the first Birch I spent a lot of time counting, cursing and tinking, but the second time around I find that I make fewer mistakes, and the ones I do make are detected much sooner so I have to tink 20 stitches instead of 200. The first Birch took me about 10-12 days to finish, and with this one I expect the same. The difference is that every day I have three hours less allowed for knitting now than I did then. That's what I call progress!


Heather said...

Kirkby looks nice.

I'm enjoying hearing about your Mermaid progress too, mine is still in its bag looking tempting, but I must finish some things first.

Looking forward to seeing what you make with your cashmere, I agree it is a lot more grey than beige but it is a lovely colour.

KnitYoga said...

Hi Tari,
Just answering your comments left on my blog as I couldn't locate your email address. I haven’t tried any of the Hipknits yarns yet but intend to very soon! I’m a bit disappointed because while I was away they had some more lace weight cashmere in their limited editions section but, by the time I returned, it had all been sold and now I will have to wait until they have some more ready. Oh, well, such is life. Yes, you can use the Hip Knits silk for the clapotis. Reports are that it takes 300-400g.

karen said...

the cashmere is so gorgeous - as I already said - what about the hourglass sweater from "last minute knitted gifts" - (google it if you don't know it), not aran- but a very nice shape - I plan on knitting it with some noro cash iroha from my stash - gauge is 19 stitches to 10 cm on 4,5 needles if that helps...good luck finding a pattern - I'm sure that whatever you decide on will turn out great with such a wonderful yarn and your solid knitting skills!

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