Monday, August 22, 2005

All the things that I want to knit

I am only one pattern repeat into the second Birch, and not much more is done on the Mermaid, but I just can't help myself. Already I am planning my next projects.

Here are some that I am considering:

Steph asked if I have a particular pattern in mind for the cashmere I ordered the other day. I haven't decided yet, but I am giving it a lot of thought. The camel colour I chose is classic and neutral, so I will probably go with a classic sweater pattern, something like Debbie Bliss' Frieda in the picture.

My next in line, before the cashmere incident, was Paton's cabled hoodie. I had decided to use Dale's Freestyle for this project, in an offwhite colour like the model. But then I came across a blog which shows a similar cardigan in a purple colour , which I think looks amazing, except I would want a more aubergine colour for myself. I went to the LYS today and couldn't believe my luck when I found that there is a small range of rich purples and aubergines available in my choice of yarn.

I might still go with the offwhite, however, and save the aubergine for the fantastic Kepler pattern. Isn't that gorgeus? The blog owner designed it herself and offers it for free (but she will set up an paypal account for donations to charity). I was planning to use a Dale yarn for this, but in her blog post today she suggests a Shetland wool, which I find interesting. I have taken quite a liking to Shetland wool now that I have tried it with the Mermaid.

Last, but not least, I would love to knit Kim Hargreave's Allure or Sharon Miller's River Stole. I saw the River Stole completed for the first time in this blog today, and would love to squeeze it into my knitting schedule in good time before the Christmas party season.

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