Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Jytte Slente

Steph asked me in a comment if I know something about Jytte Slente, because she found a book by her at Pinnsvindesign. I'm afraid all I know about Slente is that she is a Danish knit designer, (which I think is an interesting fact alone because I tend to like Danish textile designers whether they make ready-to-wear or knitting patterns). I do know however that Bente has knitted the spiral top which is shown on the cover of the book. Her blog is in Norwegian but if you scroll down you can't mistake the pictures of a 4 meter long purple "scarf" that miraculously turns into a top that I imagine must be easy to fit perfectly.

Here is a Danish site with some more pictures from the book. And here is a Danish site that sells kits. Apparently the book is only available in Danish. Daring non-Scandinavian knitters who can't resist it , and see the language issue as a challenge rather than an obstacle!, might find these English-Danish or English-Norwegian (for knitting purposes practically the same) knitting glossaries useful: Here, here and here.


Steph said...

Thanks for the wealth of info, Tari! I love how some of Jytte's designs are just simple shapes put together in unexpected ways. Very cool.

Kate said...

I love these designs. I love the simplicity and cleverness. Do you think I could learn Danish or Norwegian, or whatever it is? I need that spiral top thing. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

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