Friday, July 08, 2005

Holiday preparations

There is some progress on my UFO. I have finished one sleeve, started the second and have completed the first two steps of the steeking (sewing and cutting). Normally I wouldn't start steeking it before both sleeves were done, but we're going on holiday tomorrow to a place with no sewing machines. And like I said earlier, I am determined to finish this project now. Here's a picture of the WIP today, and a close-up of the rose pattern. The other rose is a L.D. Braithwaite from my garden this afternoon. See why I chose red yarn and not peach for the knitted roses?

I'll be away for three weeks, and plan to finish the cardi soon, so I have to put some other stuff in my suitcase too:

Kidsilk Haze for the Birch. That will be my quiet time (if I get any) project.

And tomorrow I will buy more deep red Dale Baby Ull, fo the little aran I will knit for my daughter (yes, it is another Dale of Norway pattern. I can't resist them)

I am bringing the computer, and hope to be able to get internet access and update my blog, but I don't count on it. If not I'll be back and blogging in a couple of weeks!! See ya!


Anonymous said...

Jeg svarer på norsk, min strikkeengelsk er ikke helt på topp.

Jeg har strikket den rosejakken til min datter og er veldig glad for den.

En kommentar om kantene. Jeg hadde heller ikke lyst til å hekle og har simpelthen laget den med glattstrikkede kanter. Det har gått helt fint.


Steph said...

Thanks for that feast of beautiful reds and greens, and the little cutie - she looks ready to type.
Is that kidsilk haze in 'Jelly'? Just like my sweater! It'll make a great shawl.

Tracy said...

It's just gorgeous!

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