Sunday, June 26, 2005

UFO - what to do?

I started this cardigan for myself a long time ago. It is a Dale of Norway pattern, from booklet 138, the yarn is Daletta wool.

Somehow I never seem to find the time and will to finish it. I think it is a bit big for me. I never really checked the gauge, and also I have lost 12 kilos since I started it. The second reason for my doubt is that I am not sure I would wear it a lot, because it is not really my style. I think it is a beatiful pattern and it would be a lovely peace of knitting to show off, but I don't think it will look very good on me. But on the other hand, I can't just leave it and I can't bring myself to frogging it. The edge alone took me forever to knit with its 400 + stitches, and the rose border wasn't much easier. Now that I have shown it to the world, maybe it will find its way back into my list of priorities. I hope.

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