Sunday, June 26, 2005

Can I blog without the Clapotis?

I am not going to present every single garment I have ever knitted, so I’m thinking why not leave out the Clapotis? After all you’ve probably seen some before…
I decided to include it, however, because I learnt some things from working it and made some new experiences:

It opened the world of knitting blogs to me. I stumbled across a clapotis knit-along on a Norwegian discussion forum ( , followed some links in my search for the perfect yarn and was amazed at what I found: A world of knitting I didn’t kow existed. I cannot begin to describe the inspiration I have found from reading knit blogs, and how much my knitting skills have developed in only a few weeks of “cyber knitting”. It is truly amazing.

I was led to this very useful site (it has videos) when I couldn’t understand how to do the increases:

I live in Norway, and Lornas Laces is not available here, so I had to order it online. I soon found out that it is an extremely expensive yarn, that online shopping from the US adds another 30 dollars in freight and handling, and if you’re really unlucky you have to pay yet another 30 dollars in customs and VAT. Will definitely not do this again. Note to self: Try UK based online shop next time.
My clapotis has one extra repeat, the yarn is Lornas Laces Lion & Lamb, colourway Flames

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